Saturday, 7 June 2008

A JSR To Far?

So there's a lot of conversation going on around the both the politics and the technological issues surrounding JSR 277. Personally I think the spec is doomed if it doesn't start working much more closely with the OSGi community - and here's why.

The OSGi community now comprises almost all the major software vendors who have been expending significant effort working on the OSGi specifications and OSGi enabling their applications over a number of years. The JSR is currently stalled and taking advice predominantly from Sun internal researchers.

If JSR 277 makes it into the Java 7 release then it seems entirely plausible that the major vendors could choose not to certify their products on Java 7 (especially if the JSR gets in the way of their existing investment in OSGi).

Where would this leave Sun if the likes of Websphere, Weblogic, Spring, etc, etc are not certified to run in an enterprise environment? Also where does it leave Java?

Disclaimer, these are my own interpretations of the situation and I have had no conversations with any of the protagonists leading me to this assessment. I'm just concerned that politics and egos seem to be getting in the way of one of the most important evolutions of the Java eco system which could be a disaster for all involved in Java.

Please guys, set egos aside and come to a sensible decision that allows us all to get on with our day jobs.

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